ICT Solutions will listen to your challenge or vision and design workable solutions cost efficiently
We use an interdisciplinary methodological approach linking information technologies with architectural analysis and modeling at various scales to offer tailored results

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Recent projects

Active directory roll-outs
Corporate disinvestment, departure and close down projects
Full circle business continuity implementations
ICT related Basel III implementation
ICT planning, set-up and project management of foreign corporates, institutions, NGOs and SMEs
Outsourced OpenVMS installations and system management
Targeted ICT business advice for potential foreign investor on  AA,  BEE, BRICS, Energy Security, FX-controls, Investment protection, the Labour Relations Act , New Mining Charter, Property expropriation without compensation,  SASS, SOEs,  Tenderpreneurship and  WMC in a South African (SADC) contex.

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ICT Background

Automation technology
Electrical power engineering
Financial services industry
Geopolitical intelligence and risk analysis
Industrial production, planning, steering, control and supply chain management
Medical Industry
Scientific research

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