Mission Statement


Donation based innovative first class ICT solutions and advice

We all living on the same planet and our perception of it will depend on which state of consciousness we are choosing to see. Therefore, we transition from money exchange and start giving all our knowledge for
F R E E - (T's & C's appy)

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Offered Services

Operational ICT outsourcing with a balanced product mix of:

- Business process outsourcing & manufacturing automation

- Consulting on business continuity

- Consulting on -and conducting of penetration-tests and physical penetration testing

- Consulting on defensive, intrusive and offensive security and surveillance

- Consulting on legitimate forensic & anti-forensic techniques

- Customer care & call center set-up

- Design and implementation of turnkey ICT solutions

- ICT project & risk management

- IT Pre-Audits

- Microsoft Server Management

- Open Source Software Management & Evaluation

- OpenVMS System Management

- Surveillance detection - legit counter surveillance

- Maintaining and developing ...

...technology systems with a view to maximize efficiency and effectiveness,
whilst minimizing operational risks

innovative ict convergence logo

Please contribute to sharing knowledge unconditionally and

help humanity to ascend to 5D consciousness by donating

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Donations will be used for FREE   Rife Frequency treatment,  50 plus entrepreneurship projects, creating jobs for people living in   squatter camps   by constructing high-tech, off grid   Tiny houses   to be sold on a "costs plus 50% markup", for reinvestment and for maintaining the facilities

Quarterly reports will be e-mailed to contributors